I am a English photographer based in Barcelona, this website is for my corporate and event photography work, specifically for  clients looking for such services here, or elsewhere in the world.

Event Photography
I have been photographing conventions and events for many years. Apart from the obvious seminars and conferences this work will often include portraits, group shots and discreet ‘fly-on-the-wall’ coverage of group activities, or the more informal situations that arise throughout the day.

For me the term ‘Events’ covers a lot of ground and also for simplicity I have included on the page work that goes beyond this, so you will find commissions listed that might cover photographing factories as well as people, for example.

I have worked in various places around the world doing this kind of work and love the energy and pace that often ensues.

Corporate Portraits
Photographing people in the corporate environment can mean on-site or in a studio, either way I have had many years dealing with such situations, these portraits usually require a different approach to editorial or personal portraits, but I have discovered that this is rarely a limiting factor, as peoples personalities will almost always come to the fore and thus the experience proves to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Architectural Photography
Though I consider myself to be a people photographer doing architectural work comes a close second, it is completely  different and that is often a good thing! With people there is often a lot of psychology involved and everything tends to be at a faster pace, architectural work is often slower and you may often find yourself working alone in a more contemplative frame of mind, with more time to consider the details and compositions.

Architectural photography is a speciality and many photographers dedicate themselves to it full-time, tending to be price accordingly, I can offer a service that is of high quality, but also affordable and maybe a little more original because I am not working on autopilot, which can sometimes be a problem when one is too specialised.