Working at Home: 5º 1º, Hair Salon

Working at Home: 5º 1º, Hair SalonThis was my second shoot about people who have their business’s in either their homes or private apartments.

I had heard about Joan’s place a year or 2 before when a friend had shot a video there for a fashion TV slot and when Olga, who is now writing the story, mentioned another  cool place where she had her hair cut recently the seed of an idea was planted in my mind. I then remembered my friend who trained people from his apt and realised we had 3 good stories which could qualify as an article.

Joan turned out to be a very interesting guy and gave me plenty of time for the pictures and even more the interview. He is very passionate about music and has some very interesting ideas about what he wants in his salon, the sound system is pretty mind-blowing, the centre piece being a very cool valve amp.

Also, the Friday and Saturday evening haircuts sound fun, with cocktails being served!

Although this place may look like it is very posh and exclusive, it is not at all snobby, in fact he has  some very egalitarian ideas about how people are treated and the prices are hardly exorbitant. The only exclusive quality as such, is how to find the place; it’s very much by word of mouth.

Regarding the location and the design, well it is stupendous, a penthouse with terrace; there are views over the centre of the city.

Joan seems to be interested in all sorts of art projects that are attendant to the actual business of cutting hair, a great example of  a renaissance man I guess.

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