A Jewellery Shoot, 3 Stories and a Lot of Drama

A Jewellery Shoot, 3 Stories and a Lot of DramaThese images from a jewellery project have gone up rather late in the day, the truth is the job was intense.

I walked into the meeting as a photographer and left as the production manager. I should have been more suspicious. Basically they handed me a budget and then did the equivalent of running to the hills… taking the images was the easy part!

The thing with budgets is that they always  look bigger than they are, and being in sole control of production makes for a lot more work as well, as you are now sourcing everything… and everything costs money.

So after it was all done and having spent so long looking at and working on the images, I needed a break and did not return to them for maybe 6 months. With all the madness now behind me I realised they were not bad and promptly put some on my website and Instagram.

They proved popular and may have landed me another jewellery shoot which by the looks of it will be a much simpler affair; if they try to hand me the whole budget I’ll hand it right back, I have been upping my game in pass the parcel.

For this jewellery shoot I had a story in mind for 3 different scenarios, involving spoiled little rich girls, cat burglars and bohemians . I started looking for appropriate models, the clients said they did not want normal types, but interesting and edgy ones; after a lot of casting and emailing they, in the end, got cold feet and erred on the side of caution.

The story got kind of lost as well.

The models and hair and make-up people (special shout out to Elena who works for Barcelona Hair Academy) were great to work and the actual shooting was fun, so I guess the moral is, delegate as much as the budget will allow and then perhaps a little bit more!

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