An Afternoon on Montjuïc

Old Barcelona housesIt was a Monday but a national holiday, normally I don’t really take much notice of these, but it was such a lovely day and besides, some idiots thought this would be the perfect time to dig up the road yet again below where I live so I headed for the hills to get some peace.

I spent a few hours there, the walk up is good exercise and the the great thing about Montjuïc is that is one of the few parks in Barcelona that actually has grass so you can lie down and read or have a picnic. It was quite busy but still felt pretty tranquil and I managed to spend some quality time with a good book.

On the walk back I noticed the light was looking interesting, what with it being around 4pm and a slight haze softening down the shadows, I only had my little Lumix but in ideal conditions like this is very capable of getting decent shots.

I passed a sports ground that was deserted and it had that atmosphere I always am attracted to; a kind of vacancy and a sense of desolation that is not so hard as to be depressing but is more organic, perhaps more like natural decay.

Further down I found a building nearing completion and here the mix of the antique  lamp post with the shiny newness (even the temporary metal barrier was quite pristine) again benefited from the lovely light so I grabbed a few shots, when I got home I decided I quite liked them, so decided they merited posting.

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