Another Short Film

close up of a girl's face at night

So, another short film. 

I decided to return to the Model Management site. The first time I used it I got around 30 contacts. Maybe 2  of these had potential. In the end only one had any merit.

The second attempt was pretty much the same. This time it was a girl who wanted to read a poem, in French. Le tendre et dangereux visage de l’amour.

We met up and I came away thinking this could work. The only slight doubt being that she had seen the first one and liked it enough to want to use a similar look. 

My inclination to do something new was tempered by the urge to refine the looks I had already used.

This included the slow motion blur effect I wanted to reproduce. Anyway who loves Wong Kar-wai knows the look I mean.

This would, however be last time I use this formula of essentially a monologue with images.

Daria and I came to an agreement about how to represent the poem, so that part was painless.

We met up in Plaza Real and went for a short work before stumbling across a kind of alley with some businesses. One of which was a restaurant called Oreo that had outside tables and very amenable staff.

We ended up shooting most of the footage there and the final part was shot near Calle Laietana.

This was another 1 minute film. Again it took several hours and by the time we had finished around 21.30 I was tired and hungry dreaming of red wine.

I am including the original poem below in case  anyone is interested.


Le tendre et dangereux

visage de l’amour

m’est apparu un soir

après un trop long jour

C’était peut-être un archer

avec son arc

ou bien un musicien

avec sa harpe

Je ne sais plus

Je ne sais rien

Tout ce que je sais

c’est qu’il m’a blessée

peut-être avec une flèche

peut-être avec une chanson

Tout ce que je sais

c’est qu’il m’a blessée

blessée au coeur

et pour toujours

Brûlante trop brûlante

blessure de l’amour.