Apartments & Interiors

Jose Manuel ApartmentI love doing architecture and interiors because it is a completely different process to photographing people; each can perhaps act like therapy for the other if you are feeling a little burnt out or jaded.

These pictures were for a friend who wanted to rent his apartment on an exclusive site, I was flying out to Hong Kong the next day but found a couple of hours to do the shots. I was basically left alone to get on with it which is perfect as the therapy of this type of photography is that people are not the subject!

I find I can get into a special zone and the time flies by, just mounting your camera on a tripod makes for a much more considered working method, where you really become acutely ware of every detail and the changing light.

I would definitely like to do more work like this because a) it is enjoyable and b) living in Barcelona you have to be capable of taking on all types of work in order to survive, personally this suits me as being slightly out of your comfort zone and not working like you are on auto pilot is where the best results can come from.

I have recently started renting rooms using a well known online agency and having good shots of your apt is an absolute must; people need to think of good images as an investment and not some frivolous and unnecessary expense, too often in this city it’s not even a case of ‘good being the enemy of great’ but ‘free crap being the enemy of good!’

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