Back to School, Another Day at BHA

Back to School, Another Day at BHAI got invited back to Barcelona Hair Academy, which is I guess is confirmation I must have done an ok job the first time.

This one was a workshop for women, maybe a little quieter than the first time. I more or less knew how to set up the artificial lighting and got on with it. I did however want to try and get more examples of finished work, as they tended to be a lot more dramatic than what occurred with the male grooming event. I think in the future, if there are any more such events, it would be a good idea to do more serious portraits, as there is no point in just repeating oneself and I am sure the client and even the models would like decent shots of the results, as would I; I want to get more beauty/lifestyle images onto my new site.

I probably said before that it is a great place to work in, lots of space and light and the design is good without getting pretentious, the only thing to be aware of as a photographer are mirrors, you’ll find yourself popping up in the most unexpected places, there is at least one of me reaching up and exposing way too much midriff.

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