Barcelona Hair Academy

Barcelona Hair AcademyI have been getting my hair cut for a couple of years now by Emma,  she has now set up with Cecilia a new venture, the Barcelona Hair Academy.

Cecilia asked me to do some publicity shots at the new location, a very cool space in Gracia, an old industrial building now housing various start ups and the like.

The session was a male grooming workshop, beards were obligatory. The kind of events are fun to do as they have a certain glamour, the space is great with lots of light and you kind of have ‘carte blanche’ to do you please and no one can complain, kind of reportage without repercussions.

The natural light was very good and I augmented it with a flash mounted facing the windows for some crosslight and fill, I experimented with gels and colour balance as well.

This job was originally imported into Apple’s Aperture, but as they have seen fit to discontinue development, I have started working with Capture One Pro 8 and this project has ended up in both; I wanted to try out some images in it and these were the ones.

I find situations like this work best if you stay detached, so people are natural and get on with their business, it has some of the benefits of doing interiors in that you don’t need to worry about interaction so can get in a zone and concentrate, it can be very zen-like at times and the the time can fly by; I often stay longer than intended or was commissioned to, but if 3 hours feels like 2 why worry about it?

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