Confesiones, a short film

girl in forest at night from confesiones


How I came to make confesiones, a short film based on the monologue by Carolina Tejeda

Stuck in Barcelona for the summer I was looking for something to do as there was no work.

I wanted to try some things with a cinema camera and lens so put a casting up on Model Management.

I was quite specific that people read the brief and understand it was for them to have an idea in mind (my ideas tend to be for short films which is a whole different ball game).

it is true that very few people actually read anything properly so out of maybe 30 potential collaborations only 2 seemed motivated and of those only 1 had a concrete proposal.

And so this is how this mini-film came about.  

Carolina had a monologue and even sent over images… so we got to work on Confesiones.

There was one setback when the dress she wanted did not show up 

So we delayed a week. When it still had not arrived she basically converted another one to match it.

This impressed me a lot.

When you are collaborating it should make the whole process easier not harder, otherwise why collaborate?

I told her to bring along a friend or 2 to make it more fun and to help out if needed.

Which was smart.   Her kid with her and he needed to be distracted!

I was able to do the whole thing without an type of crew or help as well.

As always I would have liked to captured some more images at night on the beach but they had to travel back home which is outside of Barcelona.

I have decided to do this again, looking for the person amongst the many, the one who gets the brief.

The video can be watched here

girl looking out to sea from short film confesiones