Giant Cruise Ships, Port of Barcelona

Giant Cruise Ships DockedI have always had a fascination about these giant cruise ships, a kind of awe mixed with horror at the thought of being trapped on such a thing for long periods of time with people you might not actually like.

Once on board you realise the scale of these things is huge and with around 3000 guests maybe there was enough people to ensure at least a handful are bearable.

When I found out the Worlds largest ones now came to Barcelona I pitched a story to a magazine and they accepted.

It turned out that they have time set aside for people who come to visit, usually a few hours before sailing. So instead of having the freedom to explore we were hurried around the vast spaces, nooks and crannies not allowing me much time to contemplate more interesting shots, a shame really, the whole ambiance of 4 star hotel attached to glitzy, rather tacky shopping mall offered countless opportunities.

Alas I could not get to the bridge or the  working areas like the engine room (that would have been the highlight). In the end once within the bowels of this behemoth you might as well be on land. Towards the end the new batch of passengers started to arrive, it was largely families and I guess for them it might be a perfect holiday, for me I think I might like to try one trip from the UK to New York on something like the QE2 as it is really just a journey to a place  I love to go, almost like a travelling by train, with time to contemplate or read or whatever…

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