Home Studio With Siphokazi Oranuba

portrait of a black woman home studio shoot

Home Studio Siphokazi Oranuba

I got back from holiday and the day after had a home studio shoot.

It has been a while and still being in holiday mode I was not looking forward to it as much as usual.

Plus, these days I kind of prefer to find outdoor locations where I can fake studio looks. It’s a challenge but also working with texture as opposed to the ubiquitous ‘hot white’ backgrounds is a refreshing change.

And I am in Barcelona so being stuck inside seems almost criminal.

The shoot ended up being great fun and very satisfying. She arrived very nervous and we had to work for a while. But then there comes a moment when the subject relaxes and kind of gives up starts to enjoy themselves.

Siphokazi arrived with her husband for moral support! She is a lawyer with her own business that she is now basing in Barcelona. 

I t was a hot day and she was experimenting with wigs. It must have been quite uncomfortable, but she was a real trooper and stuck with it, She even finished the shoot wearing a polo-necked dress which was quite frankly bloody heroic!

I have never really thought about it before but now realise there is another way to go about this kind of work, instead of bombarding the client with tips maybe just tell them to play?

I usually end the sessions with something like this and pretty much every person who entered my place with dread left cleaning to have had  a great time.

Lighting wise it was a fairly standard set-up. I threw in some  beauty reflectors as well just to dust them off! I keep finding light modifiers I forgot I owned.

It’s time for a change anyway. When things feel too automatic and formulaic, move on to something new.