Joaquin Beltran, Integration Story

Joaquin Beltran, BarcelonaJoaquin Beltran is not Asian but he is a professor of Asian Studies at the University.

This particular campus is situated outside of Barcelona, maybe not the most pretty places but i like modern architecture because you can play with form and shadow in a way you can’t with classic buildings

I scouted around whilst waiting for him and found this interior space converted into a Japanese garden. it was latish in the afternoon so the sun was skimming across the roofs.

I liked the muted colours we got with the combination of his clothes and the buildings, I used 2 strobes diametrically opposed sometimes with grids and sometimes bare. Usually in post production I tend to soften the quality of digital images, but with this one I used some tonal contrast to increase the hardness and texture, I was particularly keen to bring out the quality of the gravel and concrete of the building.

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