Kate & Nick’s UK Wedding in Priston Mill

Kate & Nick's UK Wedding in Priston MillLocation: Priston Mill, United Kingdom

A trip to the UK. I love mixing work and travel. Having travelled a fair bit the novelty can wear off. But when there is work involved, the element of stress brings back the emotions that I remember. To go somewhere to work and then have a few days for yourself is great. Shooting weddings can be very tiring and tense, (a lot of photographers avoid them because of this). You often feel like you deserve the break afterwards, so for me the combination is perfect.

The Bride to be, Kate, and her sister picked me up from the airport and we went to check the location (Priston Mill, near Bath). They then drove me to my friends house where I was going to stay for a week. This is effectively my home in the UK now, so it was a lucky break to have the wedding so nearby.

The wedding went really well, a great couple and a nice family. We were lucky with the weather, and the big puffy clouds that sometimes appeared helped make for some great outside shots. When it came time to do some formal shots of the couple, I think as is often the case, they are happy to get some time out away from all the attention. I found a location I liked and set up a flash with brolly. Then, as I often do, I just let them do their own thing.

It was a long day, a good 12 hours. The luxury of a cab ride home after a few drinks was the perfect ending.

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