Mailersend Brought Back the Good Old Days

People in Hotel working

Mailersend and Mailerlite event photography.

It’s fair to say that Covid hammered the availability of work, as most of the real work I get comes from foreign clients.

During a period when things relaxed for a while companies based in the northern parts of Europe made their escape to sunnier climes and for a short while it felt like the good old days.

I was contacted by 2 companies that are related and essentially wanted the same thing, but for different teams.

For their promotional material, they needed people working but in informal and positive situations.

For Mailersend this started at their hotel. Then we tried to find locations close by because there were time constraints.

Most people probably don’t realise that doing stuff like this on the fly can be quite difficult. You are at the mercy of the weather and, of course, the location.

I was trying to avoid complicating things and so avoided using flash.

They asked whilst we were walking around if we could get some quick portrait shots. “Uh huh” I thought.

I am used to doing formal type business portraits with controlled lighting. I looked at one option in a park involving a brick wall but it looked crap. Then whilst wondering what to do I saw a large window with an interesting green hue and committed to that.

It was shaded but I still felt the light was lacking something. Luckily I was able to bounce some light into the frame using a reflector. 

The shoot for Mailerlite was somewhat different as we started at the beach and headed to El Born where the final images were shot at a restaurant.

This time I used flash which though it can introduce technical complications at least allows more control and consistency if you know what you are doing.