Mary & Conor Wedding

Mary & Conor WeddingLocation: Blanes, Catalunya.

Organiser: Crystal Events

I hired a cool red Mini, that was great fun once I had worked out how to start the bloody thing!

This wedding had time factored in for bride preparation shots, which I enjoy and it also allows you to get warmed up and flex the ‘photographic muscles’ before the more frantic period of the ceremony. There was a lot of people at the villa which is always good for atmosphere and they were very friendly and a good looking bunch.

This was the first time I met them which is not the ideal scenario, as its good to discuss details and get a feel for things before, also sometimes you need to make clients aware that certain shots need to be prepared, even if it’s essentially a reportage style shoot.

The day was seriously hot, the location for the service was El Convent, it’s chapel bore the full weight of the sun’s rays in the afternoon, this and a large attendance meant the ceremony was sweltering. I was told later that I and the videographer, squeezed up by the altar, with the priest and others, were really perspiring, a lot of faces were being mopped, it gave the impression in some shots that a lot of guys were getting very tearful, which I can assure was not the case!

It was a long day and I got home around 3.30am, really glad to get out of a very damp and uncomfortable suit, I discovered the joys of talcum powder and think a linen suit might be a wise investment.

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