My New Website

I woke up one morning last week and just erased my old website.

I then checked out some templates on WordPress and got to work on a new one. I am not au fait with coding as such, so customising took some time and eventually, in exasperation, got some help from my friend Piper, when it came to sorting out fonts, she is a CSS wizard and in 5 mins did what it might have taken me 5 hours to figure out.

I quite like messing with this stuff though, but if you don’t do it often it is quickly lost to you; whatever I learnt doing this blog is long gone!

So, apart from the technical stuff, the next headache is finding the images and then editing them. I don’t feel like I have been taking that many pics since moving here, but the sheer amount I have found and am still finding, that might be worthy of use is crazy. Some of the pages were created with what was close to hand at the time, just so I could test the layout and these images will probably be retired once I have been through the archives. I am seriously thinking of enlisting someone with relevant skill to act as an editor.

I am leaving out anything I did before arriving in Barcelona in 2007, but I may do a blog entry for the images I still like or still have some meaning.

Any comments would be welcome of course, via email might be more efficient…

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