My Second Short Film

a still of a man'ss face close up in a dark bar, my second film

My Second Short Film.

About 6 months after my first short film (La Puerta)I decided to do another one.

By this time I had joined a new group and again became a little impatient.

There was a lot of talk and precious little action.

We met most weeks in bar and I find this very useful for batting around ideas.

One evening  a not too serious conversation involving 2 distinct and humorous premises wormed their way into my thoughts.

The next day I came up with an idea. Over the space of 2 cups of tea in a cafe I had a basic script. God I love Highland 2 (i will for one day buy the pro version).

I now had an issue, which I had had with my first one. was that I had written the script so really kind of had to direct it, but my real passion is the camera and the lighting.

So once again I was wearing several hats.

At least this time I had a real sound guy who was a godsend. Where we were filming was supposed to be dead, but it wasn’t. It was noisy and busy. Liam saved the day with the audio in Post Production.

However I  was a little pissed off with the owner, as I had basically offered to pay for all the teams food etc, to make it worth his while. He ended up being pretty busy but still decided to close 2 hours early! This messed up our schedule completely.

What ensued was a 30 min rush to try and get various shots done and it was a pain in the arse.

Just once I would like to have enough time to do what is needed, without someone deciding they have to leave early or close their bloody bar!

I probably swore never again, but as I write this I have one almost finished script and another idea I rather like… ho hum.



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