NYC: Back After Three Years, 3 Years Too Long Away…

World Trade Centre BuildingsI am painfully aware of how slack I have been in writing blog posts: but trust New York to cure that.

I am having breakfast in Maybelle’s Cafe in Brooklyn and I am surrounded by industrious people tap-tapping like fiends on their laptops, so out of pure guilt I am endeavouring to do the same.

The weather here has being capricious to say the least, yesterday it was balmy and so I walked from Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan, then headed north, finishing the day having cocktails with my friend Yeesan and eating great Malaysian food at Rasa.

But before all that I had my first full day in Manhattan and thought I should head to see the memorial park for The World Trade Centre. I was not really expecting to be that impressed but actually I was wrong, it has grandeur and the openness of the space is kind of refreshing amongst all the looming towers.

And I like the waterfalls, I found them hypnotic, contemplating them made me feel peaceful, even with the crowds.

It is in the end for most, a tourist attraction and most people were having a good time; endless selfies with cameras on sticks, lots of joking around and loud chatter.

But I saw one young woman who seemed to be quietly tearful and a couple of guys searching out a name on the panels, so look carefully amongst the happy crowds and maybe you’ll find someone who will bring it back home just what happened there.

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