Profiles: Marcela Diaz, Trapeze Artist, Acrobat

I was looking forward to this shoot as I fully expected there to be a chance to get some action shots, which makes a change from the more common portrait photos this job requires.

I have in mind a couple of projects as well where I want to work with people in dynamic, athletic situations and have a lighting style I want to refine to this end. So this was the perfect chance to play around.

I instantly liked Marcela, she is Argentine, from Buenos Aires, where I lived for over 4 years and loved, so that definitely endeared her to me.

I really would love to do some more pictures like this, as always, you look at them afterwards and realise what could be improved. She was often quite high up and that presented some lighting problems, but lent itself to dramatic angles and I see now some alternative ways to approach this kind of shot.

The space where she lives and teaches is huge and very cool (but rather cold this particular day). Poblenou is full of these type of old industrial premises, I have done quite a few portraits in the area, I would love a studio space similar to this for myself.

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