Raval Faces; the diversity of Barcelona

Raval Faces; the diversity of BarcelonaThis was a fun shoot, basically I ran around with the designer convincing different people to stand up against different coloured backdrops for a story on Raval in Barcelona, a barrio with myriad ethnic groups all packed tightly in to a labyrinth and doing so quite amicably.

I got lots of smiling faces but as a rule with editorial blog entries I want to avoid slide shows until I find one I really like. So here is one to represent them all.

It was surprisingly easy to approach people and get them to take part, we were so quick I guess they did not have much time to think about it.

It was a bright but very chilly and windy day, getting the material to stay up and more or less flat was difficult, a little bit of fill flash did the trick regarding shadows.

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