Rejuversen Revisited

A young woman using a microscope

Rejuversen Revisited

I have done a few jobs for Rejuversen now.

This is the second time I visited their research lab at Parc Scientific Barcelona.

Things have improved a lot there! The last time I visited I ended up having to clean up the images because the lab looked like a bomb had hit a dorm room, after a wild party.

I kind of said as much to Tim, my contact, and he assured me things were better now.

And indeed they were.

Positively professional and a new set of people to photograph.

The space was little crapped but by using the entrance i was able to capture a non specific background that had the feel and colour of ‘science.’

The new crew were young and easy to photograph. I realised long ago that sometimes having too much time is not always a good thing, especially when the people are nervous.

Sometimes it’s actually better to almost mug them, photographically speaking, before they have a chance to get nervous.


male and female removing samples from Liquid nitrogen


This time I also got to visit some of the other facilities they have including the liquid nitrogen and then a clean room with a fairly powerful microscope. 

Gleaming white new tech is always fun to photograph.

My set up consisted of the perennial favourite; the Godox AD200 with a rather old collapsable beauty dish. A large reflector to bounce back some fill, and for a hair light, a smaller Godox TT600. I finally got to use the crappy little plastic stand they come with. 

I had been thinking the week before was it even worth bringing them on shoots.

Never say never.

Anyway it all went well and there was precious little retouching! Result!

I have found my post-production style has changed a little since I started making films and grading them. I have dialled down the look.