Sagrada Familia, Never-Ending Story

Sagrada Familia, A Never-Ending StoryThis was for an article in the Metropolitan magazine. I knew nothing about the story or the person nor had I ever met the writer.

The pictures were taken in the summer but the article did not appear till October.

I am not a big fan of the Sagrada Familia, to tell the truth, I find it kind of monstrous, a case where Gaud√≠ had decided ‘less was definitely more’, also the neighbourhood is not one of my favourites, it has that transitory feeling of areas around train or bus stations, and a little sordid perhaps.

And of course the multitude of tourists can be claustrophobic, especially if you are trying to work.

Because the writer was there I did not have much time so decided on using the park in front and used a brolly on a flash and did the whole thing in about 5 mins. I quite like the wonky angle and I like the post production that brings out all the texture, even in his shirt!

After I had finished with him I toyed with fleeing this hell-hole but decided I should get some shots of the place. At first I thought it would be best to get pics without the crowds, then I realised ‘no, why bother?’ The crowds are all part of the dubious experience, as was almost getting run over by a coach driver who was obviously enjoying the whole experience as about as much as I was.

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