Several different shoots over several days for NTTcom

Several different shoots over several days for NTTcomI have done several sessions with NTTCom covering various different disciplines.

Firstly there was the usual corporate headshot type of photography. On another day I was there for an in-house conference, where the top brass from the NTTCom at the Tokyo headquarters flew in to inspire the troops.

This lasted half a day and then everyone decamped to a posh restaurant somewhere in Sarria, for a a buffet and booze afternoon. I think a special mention has to go  the bosses from Japan who brought some very nice Saki (yes I did try it).

On another day I had a slightly more unusual job with them, as I was photographing people at their workstations. This presented some challenges; the odd lighting and the tendency of people to look fixated whilst working usually leads to dull images so I had two issues to solve.

I was using flash lighting, but even so  the challenge of how to illuminate them was difficult yet ultimately kind of rewarding. I was able to mix in the ambient (a very warm light) to give some separation. The issue as always is putting up lights so as not to affect the people working.

The other issue was getting the people to look a little more animated at their computers. Normally for a job like this I would like to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and not interact, but I decided  to elicit some response in order to give smiles. Some of the images I got are perhaps too successful, maybe best not used: I think even the most progressive company might suspect their staff are high on something if they images like that.

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