My First Short Film Script


A dark room with some dying flowers on a table, my first film script

My First Short Film Script

I wrote a short film script and then made a film in 2022 with a film group. It was called La Puerta.

My interest is the the logical progression into cinematography from photography.

The trouble is that after a couple of weeks I realised everyone was talking. And then talking some more. but precious little seemed to be happening.

One night whilst watching a decent but interminable Japanese film I came up with an idea for a script.

I had never written one before so checked out some programs, I came across Highland 2 and loved its ease of use and how it made writing easier and kind of fun.

Just seeing your script properly formatted made it seems professional. It motivated me, inspired me to finish it.

I did not think anything would come of my endeavours, but when I presented it to the group they seemed keen.

Suddenly there was a proposed date and I realised that just writing the bloody thing was not enough.

I did not realise how much stress and work was to ensue just to make it happen.

I discovered that actors can be really great, or can leave you hanging at the last minute. 

All in all I learnt a lot of things and swore when the whole thing was over I would never do it again!

I decided to just stick to operating a camera and doing creative things with light.

But when it was all over I again found that the group did not seem to be doing any concrete and I found myself slipping into writing mode.

As a compromise I decided to post something on Model Management. Though primarily aimed at models  it seemed like a good place to find collaborators.  

I was looking for people with their own ideas to do super short films of maybe a minute. and that was when I met Caroline