Storck Ibérica


Storck Ibérica

Another pre-covid interiors shoot I have come across buried away in a folder.

I remember this job in part because I was able to get there on the tram; pretty much to the end of the line (Sant Just Desvern). It’s a nice way to travel, a good half-hour of staring out the window and day dreaming.

The offices of Storck Ibérica had sweets everywhere, pipes full of the them, wall displays and containers on table where you could actually grab some to eat. I have a sweet tooth, so yes… I got my sugar fix that day.

Most interior jobs in Spain shoots are arranged for Friday afternoons because it’s usually a half day so the places are empty. This job was for the architectural company Tetris. They had designed the interiors, I think this may have been the second or third job I did for them.

I principally shoot people (maybe 80%) but a nice architectural job once in a while in great. Sometimes not having to deal with people and being able to take your time is a luxury, and there is none of the psychological shenanigans you have to indulge in when dealing with people who would rather not be photographed.

At the end of the day they gave me a big bag of produce to take with me. Uff.  If only I had known before… I was regretting the amount I had already eaten and having to hall this big sack of goodies home with me almost felt punishment.