Summer Jobs, Second Year

Summer Jobs, BornThis is a story I also did last year. The day I was photographing Julia  The art teacher (below) I also had to do one of another person for this article, I love whizzing around Barcelona with 2 or 3 different jobs to do, it keeps you on your toes and gets the creative juices flowing.

Julia was easy to photograph because once we had set up a little scenario and got the writer to chat to her she was off, chatting and enthusing about the subject of teaching kids art, this was my favourite image because I liked the humour of the other hands in the shot, which are actually just part of a book design, but they work perfectly because she was gesticulating so much.

The featured shot is of Daniel Yallop, who works at a creperie in Barrio Born, this was supposed to be a cover shot, they, of course, used a different one, and cropped it all wrong but I have given up worrying about such things; always shoot for yourself, and expect when given a choice they will go with the wrong one and probably crop it to death as well.

Also included is an image of alex who teaches pilates at a studio, this shot works because of the simple colour palette, there is a mirror which I like to include in images die to added depth they can add, you can see within it another room and this needed a separate flash to brighten it up, the other flash was a basic umbrella set up with daylight balanced.

The last shot is of Mark Hooper who works at a call centre, one of his shots ended up on the cover, bit not this one, nor one I particularly like!

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