The Great Outdoors

A male portrait with building behind

Yes, finally a corporate headshot session in the great outdoors!

Barcelona is quite hot (bearable) and sticky (less so), so… not having to set up a home studio was a nice change.

Giuseppe wanted this and i was more than happy to oblige. I remembered near me there is a small park behind the library. A couple of days before the shoot strolled past and took a look.

Many years ago when I first moved here I remember taking photos there because to was so sparse and dry.

Some kids playground games and a few stick-like saplings. 

Now it has loads of trees and shade and many more things for kids to enjoy… this may limit its usefulness as a location.

Luckily we agree to start fairly early which also avoided the worst heat.

Alas, after about 30 mins the ‘mothers who do lunch’ started to arrive and the almost zen-like calm was gone.

Still with the right timing it has potential in the future.

What I like is the option of verdant nature like backgrounds or the interesting modern architecture of the the library complex.

In a single location you get lots of options.

I tried to keep lighting simple to not attract too much attention. I soon realised however that no-one was going to bother us. Feeling confident I  set up a strobe on a stand and even a reflector on another.

The great thing about places with trees is the shade is usually omnidirectional so you can move around.  I can light the subject  with a flash and is kept out of direct sun light so is not squinting the whole time.

I think I will try and get more people to choose outdoors rather than ‘home studio’ just for some variety.

A male portrait with trees behind