The Greek Islands, Again

The Greek Islands, AgainThis was the second summer I had spent in Greece with my friend Andy, last year was with his family and girlfriend, but this year after doing the family thing in July in the Costa Brava we decided to do some island hopping travelling light.

We started in Santorini which had some pretty towns that were almost antiseptically clean, When we were staying near Oia I was able to walk around barefoot for practically the whole without fear of glass or dog crap, even though there seemed to be a lot of mutts wandering around.

The islands that really impressed were Astypalaia and Amorgas. there were a little bit more difficult to get do (weather can affect the fast ferry) but well worth going to, I really loved Astypalaia but Amorgas is great too and perhaps has more to offer in terms of night time entertainment, and is a good compromise.

Always when on holiday you get all sort of crazy idea about what it would be like to have a place somewhere and visit out of season and I felt like that about Astypalaia, I also really love the sound of Greek and would love to speak it, the people were brilliant as well, some of the women with their  classic, slightly imperious profiles, were stunning…

These pictures are really just holiday snaps. It is easy to fall into cliches when photographing such places, but I was on holiday and did not want to be a slave to a camera, viewing everything through a lens, desperate to capture something new, something telling.

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