Women at Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy services Article: Esther JonesThese are images for an article about people who offer services to pregnant women in Barcelona, aside from the usual midwifery this includes such things as massages etc.

I did pictures of several of them together at the offices where they worked. There was a nice amount of white space and natural light to play with as well as using the flash I had with me. I started with some minimalist shots to differentiate from ones I had done earlier in the week of someone on a verdant patio, I also wanted to do something that was not all smiley, the trouble is of course this is what most people want.

Two of the women photographed in this simple austere white style wanted to have more images taken in the pastoral vein of the others I had done.

Shots like this are easy to do and have no technical challenge, all you need is sun, shade and some greenery, it is hard to get inspired but what the hell, I had the shots I prefer, I understand they may not be the most flattering but they are  honest and I like them.

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