A Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer in Barcelona

  I worked with Lee on 3 different projects: besides being very efficient and extremely reliable, Lee has the ability to create a connection with the subjects, getting them to be relaxed and truly themselves in front of the camera. Elena Panizza, Asia Digital Mojo

Fashion & Lifestyle photography in Barcelona

I have come back to Fashion Photography recently because there seems to be more freedom these days, maybe because it has been opened up to include so many more entities than just the traditional Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines. Perhaps they too are also more flexible and now give photographers more freedom as well.

Another factor that makes it so much more enjoyable is post-production; the tools available today offer limitless creativity, often the hardest thing is holding back from the excesses that this allows. Also I do love having the chance to collaborate, most other photography can be a much more solo affair.

Fashion & lifestyle photography work

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